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Metals and Minerals

Uppal is a leading metals and minerals trader. We work with mining companies, manufacturers, smelters, and refined metals retailers. Our key responsibility is to form strategic alliances, negotiate off-take agreements and develop downstream outlets.


We are a global energy distribution powerhouse. Our expertise enables us to exchange millions of crude oil barrels yearly with top-tier oil companies, multinationals, leading industrial firms, and major airlines. Embrace unparalleled opportunities through seamless collaboration with Uppal.


We deal in Sugar, Wood Products, and Grains by outsourcing, warehousing, and shipping agricultural products via our supply chain management system. Some of our prominent products include sugar, lentils, coffee, lumber, corn, wheat molasses, and grains


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Data Technology

Research And Development 

Our team of passionate experts is dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new technologies, and creating groundbreaking solutions. Through rigorous research and collaboration, we aim to shape the future and deliver cutting-edge products.



Our dedicated team of geologists, environmentalists, and engineers harness cutting-edge technologies to identify, extract, and preserve valuable resources. Through ethical practices, we ensure a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

Business Woman

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our M&A services offer strategic guidance for successful deals. From opportunity identification to due diligence and integration, we ensure a seamless process, maximizing value and facilitating your company's expansion..


In a rapidly evolving industry where innovation poses both opportunities and threats, technology firms must possess the ability to scale swiftly and adapt even more swiftly. Regardless of your company's focus, our industry insights and cross-sector expertise will guide you in making informed decisions and achieving rapid, sustainable outcomes.
Manufacturing Assembly
Avionics Engineering

Automotive and Aerospace

At the heart of our operations is the relentless pursuit of designing, engineering, and constructing advanced automotive and aerospace technology. From crafting era-defining hypercars to spearheading the development of ground-breaking technologies, we fearlessly challenge norms and stretch the boundaries of possibility in the automotive and aerospace realm. Our dedication to innovation drives us to continuously pioneer and push the envelope, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry.

Financial Services

Collaborating closely with a diverse range of financial services companies, encompassing banking, trade finance, payments, insurance, wealth and asset management, and capital markets, we offer a collaborative approach. Our objective is to assist you in managing risks, optimizing costs, fostering innovation, enhancing customer loyalty, harnessing data and analytics for competitive advantage, and achieving transformative digital progress.

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