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Commodities Trade & Management Consulting Firm

Specialized in commodities & trade related services


We make trade easy for our clients, we source and move various commodities all over the globe.

Management Consulting

We provide management consulting services specialized in commodities trade and trade-related solutions.


Empowering global trade with tailored financial solutions, fueling business growth and unlocking market opportunities.

Transforming International Trade with Innovation

We collaboratively administer commodities trade processes & markets, recognize and analyze trends, policies, and strategies, assess risk and trade issues.

Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too.

Commodities Trading

Source and move products all over the globe in a cost-effective and timely manner. Explore Uppal’s commodities trading services: commodities , sourcing, international logistics, contract negotiation, offshore sourcing, supply chain design, project planning.


Project Management and Advisory

We can design sustainable trade projects. We have experts in export control and import and export compliance. We do structure an organization wide trade governance processes, that help our clients to maximize efficiencies and significantly reduce their duty expenditures. Sustainable projects that help you maximize efficiencies and reduce expenditures.

Supply Chain Integration

Utilize flexible, most convenient, and cost-efficient routing for your commodities. dedicated team of commodity logistics experts and a trading desk in place. We design flexible transportation and logistics solutions that meet various business needs. We optimize our supply chain by choosing the most convenient and cost efficient routing for our commodities.


In Alliance with

The Uppal Group strategically focuses on a diverse range of sectors, encompassing Technology, Finance, Metals & Minerals, Oil & Gas, and Agriculture.

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Uppal is a major global trader of oil and petroleum products with comprehensive product coverage and a robust international presence.

MeTals & Minerals

Uppal is a leading metals and minerals trader. We produce, source, market and distribute the transition metals and minerals


Uppal plays a crucial role in making the world food system work for you by connecting farmers with markets, ensuring your prosperity.


Transforming the future with innovative solutions. Our R&D pioneers cutting-edge technology for limitless possibilities and unparalleled growth.

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