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At Uppal, our focus is to make it easy for our clients to source and move various products all over the globe. We specialize in providing cost effective and timely product sourcing, distribution, and fulfillment. Our trade and consulting services are either contract based or project based solutions.

Some of our key focus areas are:

Commodities Sourcing

Leveraging our oil, metals, power & renewables, and shipping divisions, we've built a vast global trading operation. As a leading commodities trading firm, we connect counterparties worldwide by balancing supply and demand.

International logistics

Our expertise lies in establishing and expanding dynamic trade routes. In regions lacking the necessary infrastructure, we build it. If it is already there, we invest in improving it.

Supply Chain Design

Optimize your supply chain with our tailored solutions. Streamline operations, design new channels, and gain a competitive edge with our expertise.

Project Management

Experience exceptional project management expertise for seamless coordination, timely delivery, and successful outcomes. Trust us to bring your visions to life efficiently and effectively.

Trade Finance

Fuel your global ambitions with our dynamic trade finance solutions. Benefit from tailored financing, risk management, and banking services to propel your international transactions and expand your business

Consulting and Advisory

Unlock your full potential with our top-tier Consulting and Advisory services. Our expert team provides strategic insights and customized solutions, empowering your business to thrive and succeed in today's competitive landscape.

We are active and flexible in international trade in the areas of primary and secondary commodities and their by products.

Transforming International Trade Management

At Uppal we understand the fundamentals of risk management of foreign policies, emerging global businesses, foreign exchange, as well as assess the impact on the political and legal environment. Our experts assess trade issues, source and produce goods, understand draft policy documents for the international market as well as develop trade management processes.
What we do:

Build effective global trade management (GTM) processes 

Recognize and analyze international policies, strategies, and trends

Identify factors affecting global businesses as well as concepts for cross border taxes and trading.

Manage international trading markets and business 

Assess risk by policies, global business environment (political or legal), and foreign exchange

Identify various practices in business management 

Analyze world trade, exchange of capital, trade promotion, policies, and strategies at the national, regional, and global levels.

Supply Chain Integration

International distribution involves large quantities of commodities. For this reason, commodities require special treatment during transportation and storage. Unlike regular transport solutions, Commodity transport is unique: it requires experts in the industry who understand the value of optimizing the supply chain.

Uppalcorp has a dedicated team of commodity logistics experts and a trading desk in place. We design flexible transportation and logistics solutions that meet various business needs. We optimize our supply chain by choosing the most convenient and cost efficient routing for our commodities.

Project Management and Advisory

Being a leader in trade consulting in Europe, East Asia, East Africa, and South America, Uppal Corp will help you design sustainable trade projects. We have experts in export control and import and export compliance. We do structure an organization wide trade governance processes, that help our clients to maximize efficiencies and significantly reduce their duty expenditures.

Our International Trade Compliance & Customs team can help you in areas such as classification, valuation, origin, export control, and free trade agreements. Our extensive knowledge and experience in trade can be leveraged to provide all aspects of your commodities trade in various industries, government, and legal backgrounds.

Navigating Trade in Commodities

Generally, in terms of commodities trading, we collaboratively explore, produce and market commodities.
What we do

Negotiate agreements with individual mine owners, producers, refiners, mining companies, and smelters. 

Store metals and minerals at third party owned storage facilities.

Operate efficient, safe, and high quality logistics.

Invest in logistics that improve market access

Process physical commodities to regional, market, and customer specifications.

Move commodities by truck, rail vessel in support of our core trading activities and for the third parties

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