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Since our inception, The Uppal Group has been focused on delivering commodities, by strategic thinking and unwavering commitment to quality.

Uppal is a global commodities trade and management consulting firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and maintains representatives in over 20 countries.


At Uppal, we help the world’s most ambitious companies redefine the future. Working with our clients as a team, our shared ambition has always been to redefine industries, outperform the competition, and achieve extraordinary results. Uppal has integrated Trade and Management Consultancy expertise attributed to our team of vibrant digital innovators. Our experienced and passionate industry experts help you in critical decision-making in areas such as performance improvement and international trade.

Uppal works with leading commodities-producing and trading companies, many of which are the world’s largest copper, aluminium, and other metals companies from North and South America to East and South Africa. We manage millions of tons of metals and minerals annually and make shipments to the South East and South East Asian clients.


Uppalcorp always delivers better, faster, and more enduring outcomes. We are recognized and marketed by national and international miners, manufacturers, foundries, smelters, resellers, and trading companies.


Navigating Trade in Commodities

Land Mining
Trading Physical
Commodities Responsibly
We help you produce , source and move commodities efficiently. We specialize in commodities trading and related services. Our consultants can help you save time, cost and structure sustainable trading solutions to grow your global presence.
Oil Refinery
Transforming Global Markets Since 2011
Unlocking Boundless Opportunities in the World of Commodities Trading. We empower markets with unrivalled expertise, driving innovation and success. Join our transformative journey to reshape landscapes and elevate your ventures
The operational processes are what drives the business, producers and consumers not only require trade management plans but someone to execute those plans responsibly, that’s where our inhouse trade experts come into the equation
Management Consulting Services
Global leaders choose our expertise to tackle industry-defining challenges, covering strategy, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation, advanced analytics, sustainability, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Our unique approach to management consulting ensures structured, orchestrated, and sustainable results.
Future is brighter when you’re more prepared
We help you plan long term trade contracts, whether it's the price fluctuations or complicated logistics, we understand hedging risk and accounting for market indicators is critical for sustainable business
Our Process
Commodities Sourcing
Store and Process

We negotiate agreements with individual mine owners, producers, refiners, mining companies and smelters

We process and store physical commodities as per regional, market, and customer specifications

Logistics and Delivery

We collaboratively provide efficient, safe, and high quality logistics.

To establish a robust market position, we synergize and consolidate core competencies from multiple industries.

Drawing from extensive experience across diverse industries and challenges, our unique perspective enriches every client relationship. We aim to broaden your horizons, unveil untapped opportunities, and bridge the gap between what is and what can be, yielding exceptional results
Unleash the Potential of Our Extensive Network
Experience the Power of Integrated Trade and Management Consultancy. Our dual role as consultants and commodities traders has forged a robust supply chain network, enhancing your business potential.
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